Small things, big purpose.

Feel great about supporting Alberta made honey, beeswax candles and specalizing in unique events.

  • Why Beeswax?

    Beeswax is a natural and renewable resource, it also is said to purify the air while burning by releasing negative ions and are sootless. Not only that but beeswax candles are 100% biodegradable.

  • Slow Burn

    Due to beeswaxes high melting point, beeswax candles last substantially longer than the leading nonbeeswax based candles. This also means that it emits a bright and ambient flame which is said to be in the same spectrum of the sun. Some of our beeswax pillar candles can last up to at least 60 hours!

  • Pet Friendly

    Because our product is scentless it is safe to burn around pets. Synthetic fragrances are toxic to animals and in most cases humans as well. Breathe easy knowing you are not hurting your most loveable family members.

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Feel good about your purchase, 100%

All candles are hand crafted in Alberta with wax from local beekeepers. Putting money back into the rural prairie communities and out of the hands of large corporations.

  • Did you know?

    You will not find any synthetic scents in any of our collections. In fact, they are naturally scented and smell faintly of honey. Every batch of candles has a slight colour variation this is a natural product.