Welcome to Wild Hive!

What Do Our Bees Eat?

Bees can fly 2 miles or more to forage for nectar, it is hard to guarantee exactly what they have been into. However, we have a good mix of clover, alfalfa, wild flowers, flowers from the Village of Warburg, and canola in our area. Typically our first pull would be coming off of an alfalfa/clover/wildflower, our second pull would be the same but also canola and our third pull would be alfalfa/clover/wildflower.

Small things, big purpose.

Check our product! Feel great about supporting Alberta made honey, beeswax candles and specialized bee products!


From carefully raised local beehives, enjoy the nectar of flowers and the purity of nature.

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Pure and scentless, enlighten your life safely and soundly.

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DIY Kits

Ready to create your own bees-iness?

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Feel good about your purchase, 100%

All candles are hand crafted in Alberta with wax from local beekeepers. Putting money back into the rural prairie communities and out of the hands of large corporations.

Where to Find Us?

Current Stockists

  • Cowboy Creek (Leduc County)
  • Old Station Meadery (New Serepta)
  • Jar'd Mercantile (Downtown Leduc)
  • Warburg Village Market
  • The Pantry- Leduc County Business and Entrepreneur Centre (Nisku)

Pick Up Locations

  • Just outside of Warburg, AB
  • Jar'd Mercantile